Cape Town to Kaiserstuhl

A Special Trip Home

















Dipl. Ing. Biotechnology (FH)


Already early in life I was attracted by motorbikes. I gained my first experience on a DT 80 of one of my friends in the vineyards surrounding my home village. At the age of 23 I owned my first motorbike, a KLR 600. Since then, only holidays in the snow were possible without my motorbike. There we are at my second passion - snow. If snow and sun are tempting, I can't resist and have to get on my skies or the snowboard.

Therefore the winters are dedicated to our skiing club, the Skifreunden Burkheim. Here in Africa I miss a bit the joint evenings in the "Skiing Cellar", the cheerful trips and the teaching of the skiing trainees. Besides that, I like to ride my mountain bike or to hike.

While being in South Africa, I spent my professional life with Wine Biotechnology - with the tasty side effect of some bottles of "home made" Pinotage and Colombard.
Additionally we learned quite fast, that there is no party without "braai" (BBQ) and "Potjiekos" - only two of the countless enjoyable South African specialties.

The first time I thought about a journey like this was after our holiday in Namibia in April 2000. But at that time I still considered it to be "mad". Due to the fact that now is a perfect opportunity and I am able to take that time off, this dream is not crazy any longer - NO - it becomes more and more reality with each day and it is SOO EXCITING!!!



Ph.D. Cell Biology


Discovering Africa was a dream long before I developed my passion for motorbiking. These days, at an age of about 5, I wanted nothing more than being"Czymek", hunting wild animals with a camera. As time went by I became more realistic and during my studies of Biotechnology I got more and more interested in medical basic research. But, if I'm not busy investigating breast cancer or osteoporosis, my heart still beats for Africa. That's why I couldn't say no to a job offer from South Africa.
Being here, I can satisfy my second passion - off road biking, which I like more from year to year since I've been 16. Several motorbikes have been doing a good job since then. Beginning with a DT80, growing up to a KLR 250 and finally riding the "proper" bikes: KLR 600, DR 650 RSE, KTM 620 LC4, BMW 650 Dakar and now the KTM Adventure. So far the motorbiking highlights are, besides some journeys around Europe (Greece, Italy, Corse), for sure our trip to Namibia in 2000 and our holidays in Lesotho around Christmas 2002. What's also always a lot of fun for me, is to give security trainings with Stehlin Motorradtraining and from time to time to jump around on a motocross track with like-minded bikers. My big dream for the future is to participate in one of the well known Africa Rallies.

If there is snow in the mountains I feel like Heidi and my legs start "itching". However, on two laths I am useless. That's why I belong to the "Snowboarding Department" of our skiing club. If the snow is missing and the motorbike has a day off, I will be most probably found being busy with some of other sport (MTB, Tennis, Volleyball) or enjoying a BBQ with some friends.
My expectations for our big trip are the "touching" experience with the African people and some challenge and fun on the motorbike.
I admire Heidi for the fact, that she's also up for that adventure.

Some of you might wonder what that sticker on our jacket means. Our good friend Manuel invented it last year, when he had the great idea to unite all our motorbiking friends. Therefore he founded the club: BY ROCKS. Of course we joined this club immediately. This is for sure not a "Gang", its a union of friends with shard interests. The "golden rules" for all members are simple and can be summarized in four points:

1. having fun on a motorbike
2. weakness for rock music
3. integration into the group
4. no rules an obligations besides 1 - 3

As 5. I would add a pinch of being fond of traveling.

The proof, that we are not the only crazy guys traveling through Africa, is shown on our "Hall of Fame" page, where we shortly introduce all the adventurers crossing our way.